The Content of being an Infant

The story starts in a confusing situation. The hospital room filled with a sense of abrupt happiness, something unexpected had happened. A boy was born when the doctors had anticipated it to be a girl. That’s me Haroon; my birth was a surprise as had been my whole life afterwards. In a pakhtoon society that had always favoured boys over girls expecting them to be a support for their parents.I was given a free will; everything that I demanded was presented to me in seconds. I had always been my grandparents’ favourite child, loved for two main reasons. An eldest grandchild in a family of all grownups and the second reason being a boy in a male dominated society.

Abbai, my grandmother, would dress me in colourful frocks because of her love for me.I was rather a beautiful child with greenish brown eyes and flawless light skin. No one could guess that I was a boy from my appearance and my dressing. Abbai and Daji, my grandfather, brought me up. They would bathe me, dress me, feed me and even play with me. I was a toy for them, a child born to a house of grownup after 15 years. I was born the first grandchild to a family of 2 uncles and an aunt. My uncles would take me with them wherever they went and would treat me like a friend rather than a son. I was the most blessed child to be born with love and care surrounding me.

To be continued…

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