A historical Background of a Lost Generation

My great grandfather was the founder of the village I was born in, with lands allotted at our name and wholly respected for the status that we hold in the village. My great grandfather had 3 sons of whom my grandfather was the middle son. He was treated the same way a middle child is expected to be treated and so were us by my cousins from the eldest son. Although the villagers gave us much admiration but they were unaware of the indifference that we were entitled with by the rest of our family. We all lived close in the same village with my cousins. No one other than relatives was given a pass to the village due to the women’s parda in the pakhtoon society. They could only live in the village once they brought a piece of land that was sold to them by my great grandfather consent. We had servants working for the family but that too were passed on from generations, now treated no less than family.

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